Supported Commands

Configuring Custom Commands

As a partner, you can define custom commands that can be administered remotely for your devices.

On the Models page in the Configuration section of the portal, select the model you would like to configure. On the Supported Commands tab, you can add custom commands you would like that device model to support by clicking the “Add” button in the top-right corner.

In the pop-up dialog, enter the following information:

  • Name - The name of the command to add to the device.
  • Friendly name - The name that will be visible in the user menu for selecting the command.
  • Description - A text description to display in the pop-up window when the user selects this command.
  • File - Check this box if the command requires a file to be uploaded to administer.
  • Timeout - This allows you to define the maximum possible run-time of the command you are creating. It helps in d cases when the command on the device is taking more than 15 minutes, as in that case the device is turning offline on the Xyte side.


Ensure the “Active and visible to users” box is checked if you want the command to be live and actionable from the end users’/MSPs’ portals.

Once you’ve supplied all the required information, click the "Add" button. The command will now appear in the model’s list of supported commands and will be visible to your customers.