The Files page presents a comprehensive list of all the files you have uploaded for your registered devices. These files are accessible to your customers within the end users portal. This allows you, for example, to push current firmware seamlessly to your users.


All files across all devices


End users’ files

MSPs and end users can also upload custom files and attach them to an area, space, or specific device in their portal. These files will only be visible to them.

You can use the buttons on the right to view or delete any file that has been uploaded to a particular device model. To add a new file to a particular model, click the model’s name. This will bring up a detailed view showing the name, description, version, type, file storage URL, and creation date of the currently selected file.


Viewing file information

Clicking the “Model” button takes you to the settings page for the selected device model, where you can upload and manage files to support your hardware (as well as performing other configuration tasks). Refer to Models for further details.

An option to export the list of files in CSV format is available.