Customers are organizations that have access to the end users portal, where they can claim devices and configure and monitor them remotely.


Adding a new customer is simple – click the “Create Customer” button and fill in the customer’s information. Every customer that is added will get a branded welcome email from you, with a password reset link which will grant access once completed.

For details on customizing your brand identity for these emails, see the section on the
customer portal.


Details for the customer

Once a customer has been created, they can claim and manage devices; as a manufacturer, you can assign devices to them, remotely support them, and link their account to an MSP.

When adding a new customer, you have the option to grant the new user admin rights to the partners portal.

If you select “Generate sample data” when adding a customer, when that customer logs in to the end users portal it will be populated with dummy data that they can use as a guide for configuring and using the portal.

Create new customers - video tutorial

This video demonstrates the two ways to create a new customer.

Lab Accounts

You can use this as a testing/sandbox environment to simulate interactions on the MSP’s/customer’s side; it allows you to familiarize yourself with and test functions in a demo, non-live environment, simulate purchasing digital products without the need to enter credit card details, and more.

To access the lab, navigate to Management > Customers, then click the “Visit Portal” button next to your Lab account.



Note: All models created (even unpublished units) will be visible in the lab environment, allowing you to test them before actually making them available to MSPs/customers.


Products Purchasing

When you use the Lab account, no credit card details are required to make purchases. This makes it easy to test your digital products. On successful purchase, a “test charged” message will appear when you click “Pay.”