Xyte Portals

The Xyte platform provides two portals tailored to meet the specific needs of hardware manufacturers and end users.

Partners Portal

Using Xyte’s partners portal, hardware manufacturers’ product and development teams can easily configure their own white-labeled solutions, managing customers’ and resellers’ accounts, device models, digital products, and more. The portal provides manufacturers with valuable insights into device metrics and enables them to seamlessly support and connect with their customers.

End Users Portal

The white-labeled end users portal makes it easy for users to claim and manage their devices. In addition to monitoring the use of their connected devices (organized by geographical location), users can streamline their support and business workflows by proactively integrating with a growing variety of cloud services: ticketing systems, messaging apps, and more.

Portals Overview


Workplace by Xyte

Workplace by Xyte is a dedicated implementation of the esteemed Xyte platform, built specifically for audio/video professionals. The exclusive platform offers an integrated, all-in-one solution that AV service providers can use to deploy, configure, and monitor their customers’ collaboration spaces and devices.

Hardware manufacturers that would like to offer their customers the ability to manage and monitor their devices via the Workplace by Xyte platform can easily do so, and service providers can propose managed services to their customers.