Xyte Modules

The Xyte platform is composed of eight modules:

  1. Configure - Configure all aspects of your cloud solution through this comprehensive admin portal.

  2. Manage - Allow your customers to remotely manage and monitor their fleet of devices with this white-labeled portal.

  3. Empower - Help your channels and integrators build long-term, trustworthy relationships with customers by remotely supporting and managing their tenants and devices.

  4. Support - Deliver enhanced customer support services resulting in reduced resolution time for device issues, remotely retrieve device logs, trigger custom commands, and more.

  5. Analyze - Get actionable insights by analyzing telemetry data to understand device usage patterns.

  6. Commercialize - Capitalize on new business opportunities by adding subscription-based digital products for your devices.

  7. Integrate - Interoperate with the SaaS business workflow tools (support, finance, CRM) deployed across your organization.

  8. Finance - Xyte supports the financial transition from CapEx (capital expenditure) to OpEx (operational expenditure) through HaaS business models: your customers pay for actual usage instead of making a large upfront capital hardware investment.


Xyte's End-to-End Solution