This section in the portal provides the functionality to manage contact information for different roles.

  • Admin Contact - This contact is designated to receive general notifications from the system. It ensures that important updates and information are communicated to the administrator responsible for overseeing the portal.
  • Finance Contact - The finance contact is specifically configured to receive all emails related to financial matters, such as invoicing or notifications about financial transactions. This helps streamline communication regarding financial aspects of the portal.
  • Support Contact- The support contact is designated to receive all support-related emails initiated by end-users. On the end-users' side, a 'Contact support' button is generated, allowing them to easily reach out to this email for assistance. This enhances the support process by providing a direct communication channel between end-users and the support contact.

This feature ensures that each contact receives relevant and targeted information based on their role, facilitating effective communication and management within the portal.