Data Collection

What data does Xyte collect in its platform, and who has access to each type of data?

Data SourceDescriptionWho owns the data?How to access the data?
DeviceAny data collected from connected devices, which include telemetries, commands, or incidents.The data is owned by the manufacturer.Via APIs, reports and the Xyte Partners Portal.
OrganizationalAn organization may be a manufacturer, channel partner, or end-customer. Organizational data may include users, settings, or permissions.The data is owned by the manufacturer.Each organization may access the data via its own portal (manufacturers and channel partners via the Xyte Partners Portal and end-customers via the Customer Portal).

Do you collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII)?

Yes, we collect PII such as names of users, email addresses, shipping and billing addresses. The data is owned and can be accessed only by the organization which uploaded it and/or the parties requiring the information in order to provide products or services (e.g. shipping address).

How does an integrator play into the data ownership conversation, considering they offer a managed service? Would they be considered the “end-user” or “owner” despite managing for another customer?

As described in the above table, data collected by a device (telemetries, etc.) is owned by the manufacturer. Any OEM/channel partner/end-user that opened an account with Xyte (including accepting the Terms & Conditions) is the owner of the data for that account.

For further information about Xyte’s privacy policy and the types of data we collect, please view our Privacy Policy.