Access a comprehensive overview of your brand's registered devices through the Devices page on the Xyte service platform. This feature offers in-depth insights into your device ecosystem. Utilize filters to efficiently search for devices based on various criteria such as model, MAC address, serial number, firmware version, and more. This functionality enhances your ability to manage and monitor your devices seamlessly.


Device list for all hardware devices

Admins have the flexibility to enhance device management by adding custom notes tailored to each device's specific requirements.

For a swift and efficient configuration of a specific device model, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the device model you want to configure.
  2. Simply click on the name of the desired device model.
  3. This action will seamlessly take you to the advanced configuration settings for the selected device model.

This streamlined process allows administrators to expedite the configuration of individual device models by providing direct access to their advanced settings.


Advanced config of a device

For a comprehensive understanding of configuration settings essential for model management, refer to the detailed guide in the Advanced Model Configuration section. This section offers an in-depth overview, ensuring you have the necessary insights for effective model administration.