30 Mar 2023 - Added support for passing error message in telemetries

A new field message has been added to the Telemetry API to allow devices to signal the server what caused them to move to the error state.


30 Mar 2023 - Added sub_model to Update Device API

Added support for devices to update their sub_model via the Update Device.

8 Jan 2023 - Rename nano_id to cloud_id

Change the somewhat confusing "nano_id" field to be called "cloud_id" - an unique identifier created by each device to identify it with the server.

24 Aug 2022 - Require Serial Number for all device authentication methods

To improve device information view and shippment matching, all devices must now send their Serial Number during the Device Register API call.


12 Jul 2022 - Add nano_id to Get Device Info

Return the NanoId of the device (if set) in the data returned in the Get Device Info API


12 Jul 2022 - Simplify device configuration change update

Previously following a configuration change on the device (after Get Config ) the device needed to send a Set Config with the new object.


6 Jul 2022 - Local Proxy support

Since many customer installations have stringent security requirements, customers can now install an Xyte Proxy on premise to route all device traffic via a single exit point out of the network.


20 Jun 2022 - Provision Servers

To better support large scale installations the previous "" server should no longer be used by new devices.


1 Jun 2022 - Nano ID Support

Support was added to registering devices with "NanoID" instead of MAC Address and Serial Number.


16 May 2022 - Add command_id to UPDATE_COMMAND

In order to avoid possible race conditions, when the device has to update the server of the status of the currently executing command, it should send the command_id in the payload area.