Use the hub_url received in the registration response as your base URL.


This API requires the device to authenticate, see Device Authentication.

Returns a license to add or remove.

If the Send Telemetry API response has new_licenses set to true, the device must call this API to get details on the new or updated licenses.

The API will return the next license request the device needs to process. Once the required action is completed, the device must update the server via a call to the Update License API and continue calling this API until all pending license changes are finished.

When no license changes are pending, the API will return and empty object {}

Return Data
An object with details of the license change or an empty object if no changes are pending.

idstringUnique license ID.
datastringDevice-specific encoding of license information.
signaturestringPartner generated signature for license validity verification of the data field.
actionstringThe type of action to perform:
add - Add the new license.
remove - Remove active license.
update - Existing license info changed, update required.
expires_atdatetimeTime when this license should be disabled (a string based on ISO_8601 format).

Return Sample

  "data": "device-specific license info...",
  "signature": "RSA signature...",
  "id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx...",
  "action": "add",
  "expires_at": "2023-05-07T23:59:59Z"
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