This API requires the device to authenticate, see Device Authentication.

For a full overview of how and why you should use child devices, please first go over the Child Devices page in the Quickstart guide.

This is API reference page only.

Request Data

snstringThe Child device's serial number.
model_idstringChild's model ID (the ID of one of the models defined in the models listed in the partners portal. Model-- > Info --> Model ID)
firmware_versionstringThe current version of the child device's firmware
namestringOptional: Default friendly name for the device (can be changed later in the customer portal)
detailsobjectOptional: Object containing internal device details. Can be used to add custom info about the device.

Return Data

idstringUnique ID for this device. Must be saved and used for all future API access.
access_keystringUnique access key for this device. Must be saved and used for all future API access.


  1. Unlike the Register Device API, the uniqueness of the Serial Number is not validated. This exception is added to support Parent Devices which are unable to retrieve a Serial Number from its child devices to communication protocol/API/etc limitations.
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