Use the hub_url received in the registration response as your base URL.


This API requires the device to authenticate, see Device Authentication.

Notify the server that the device configuration has changed locally, or the received configuration was applied.

The local configuration of the device can be changed for two reasons:

  1. The Get Config API returned a configuration object with a higher version number.
  2. A user changed the device configuration locally.

New configuration received from Get Config
The device must call this API to notify the server that the configuration was applied successfully. A successful Set Config request will return the version number of the new configuration object, which must be saved in place of the previous version number.

Local configuration updated by the operator
The device should increase the version number of its locally stored configuration and call this API to update the server with the new configuration.

Return Data

versionintegerVersion number after configuration update
last_updatedstringUTC date when the configuration was last updated
configobjectThe new updated configuration object
namestringDevice's name
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