This documentation is intended for developers working on connecting their devices to the Xyte cloud. It is strongly recommended to start with Quickstartsection to familiarize yourself with the way devices should communicate with the cloud and use the API Endpoints section as reference for specific APIs.

Communication and updates

At the core of the integration is the concept that devices always communicate with the server and the server is never try to reach the device - due to various networking and security limitations.

Devices periodically send telemetries (data about the current state of the device) and receive a response from the server that contains mapping of any pending commands/licenses/etc that the device needs to process. It's up to the device to map the response and make additional calls to the server such as Get Command API to handle any pending requests.

General flow

The integration begins with the device using the Register Device API to register itself with the Provisioning Serversand get back information required to make future calls using correct Device Authentication.

After successful registration, a device enters a loop continuously sending Telemetry to the server and handling and pending commands/etc.

See a detailed Flow diagram

Basic integration

The most basic integration that can provide end customers with value, can be done only via Registration and Telemetries, as this will start providing live information about the device to the server and allow the customer to monitor the device.

It is strongly recommended to add a few basic commands such as Reboot and Firmware Update, to allow easier upgrades in the future.

Claiming vs Registration

"Device Claiming" Claiming Overview refers to the process in which an end customer proves ownership of a previously registered device, thus adding the device to their End Customer Portal and gaining the rights to monitor and manage the device.

It is important to note the distinction between:

  1. Registering the device - device self registers with the server.
  2. Device claiming - end customer provides details to prove own a device (e.g. mac address and serial number).

Following a successful registration of a device, it can be claimed from the End Customer Portal.

Next steps

Read the full Quickstartguides to get the general concepts of integration and continue to the Register Device, Send Telemetry, Get Command and Update Command APIs.

The full APIs are available via Full Postman API Export or in the integrated Dev Center