Xyte provides a JSON file that you can import into the Postman app, in order to have all the APIs available for testing purposes.

To use this file, follow these instructions in Postman:

  1. Click on Import in the left navigation bar :

  1. Choose the Link tab, and paste in the following link:


    You should now have all the APIs available under the Xyte Platform API - Documentation collection.

  2. Import the environment variables. For ease of use, all APIs use environment variables of device_id, hub_url, and authorization, which are the device_id, hub_url, and access_key received in the device registration stage.

To import the environment file, click Import again, and simply drag and drop the following file into the Postman window:

  1. Set the CURRENT VALUE fields with the device_id, authorization (access_key), and hub_url received during the registration step.

  2. Make sure the Production environment is selected in the Type to filter drop-down at the top right, as shown here:

And you’re all set !