Cloud IDs are globally unique identifiers for each device that is created once for each device and saved across factory-resets, device wipes, etc (similar to the Serial Number).

This globally unique IDs can be printed on the shipped box, displayed on interactive console or even printed directly as a QR code to help customers easily "claim" the devices in the system after they are purchased.

The Cloud ID is required when the Authentication Method of Cloud ID is selected, but optional for other methods.


A Cloud ID is generated by the manufacturer from two parts:

  1. The partner "Short code" - accessible from the partners portal at https://partners.xyte.io/settings/provision
  2. A 16+ long string of numbers and upper & lower characters (ASCII only), that is unique for each device being produced. The length of this part can be 16 to 36 characters.

NanoIDs libraries can be used to generate the second part of the CloudID: NanoID generators

Using Cloud IDs

When generating a new model on the partner side, "Cloud ID" should be selected as the "Authentication method".

When calling the Device Register API the Cloud ID should be passed as part of the payload with the "cloud_id" field.

Sample payload

    "hardware_key": "0ed83509-4cfc-4439-ac1c-91f4c77bc6a3",
    "cloud_id": "QRzR3322fas2231qqweqw",
    "firmware_version": "1.0.1",
    "sn": "21311.2231.3A"

When using the "Cloud ID" Authentication method, the "mac" field is no longer required - but recommended.