Devices in Xyte must belong to a Model, which defines the various characteristics, capabilities and products supported by the devices.

During the registration process, a Hardware Key must be passed by the device, allowing the Xyte platform to match the device with its corresponding model.

To increase security and tracking, multiple Hardware Keys should be created for each Model. It is recommended to use a different key for every batch of production and set the expected device count when generating the Hardware Key.

Manage the Hardware Keys

The Hardware Keys for a Model can be defined and viewed in the Partners Portal under the “Models -> Model -> Hardware Keys” tab.

Here Hardware Keys can be created, monitored (for actual usage by devices), revoked, etc.

The Hardware Key for the device should be kept secret, to avoid cases of faking the manufacturer's devices. While the possible damage is very limited, it can create spam and DDoS and ruin reporting information.

To mitigate this, a Hardware Key should be created for each batch, marked with the number of expected devices, and carefully distributed only to personnel responsible for the manufacturing process.