Every device in Xyte must be associated with a specific model type, which defines the various characteristics and capabilities of the device and the digital products it supports.

During the registration process, devices must pass a hardware key that allows the Xyte platform to match each device with its corresponding model. To increase security and facilitate tracking, multiple hardware keys should be created for each model (see below for details).

Managing hardware keys

The hardware keys for a model can be viewed and managed in the partners portal, on the Hardware Keys tab of the model details page (Partners Portal -> Models -> [select model] -> Hardware Keys).

In addition to viewing a list of defined keys, you can create new keys, revoke existing keys, monitor the usage of individual keys by actual devices, etc.

Key safety

The hardware key for a device should be kept secret to prevent spoofing of the manufacturer's devices, which could compromise reporting information. Spoofed devices could also potentially be used for spam or DDoS attacks. To mitigate this risk, a hardware key should be created for each batch of production, with the expected device count set when the key is generated. These keys should be carefully distributed only to personnel responsible for the manufacturing process.