Xyte offers the ability to charge based on usage and flat pricing. Manufacturers may select multiple "counters" to use per device and define different pricing models for each counter.


  1. Charge usage of a car based on distance driven.
  2. Charge sim network card based on data usage.
  3. Charge 3D printer by total raw materials used.
  4. Charge printer device by total pages printed.

To support this method, the device is expected to report a telemetry for each of the tracked data points.

Usage based product flow

To create a usage-based product, the manufacturer must select "Usage Based Pricing" during the Product creation. This feature is available both for Physical products that are going to be billed in this method, or Digital Products that are optional licenses added to other devices.

As part of the definition the following need to be provided:

  1. Name of the telemetry key that tracks the data point - "Tracking telemetry"
  2. Price per each data point (e.g. $1 per 1km driven)
  3. Name of license generated when the Product is purchases

Once an End User purchases an "Usage Based" product, a Licenses is generated and automatically/manually added to the target Device.

As soon as the Device gets notified of this license type from Send Telemetry's response, the "Tracking telemetry" must be set to 0 and sent by the Device in its regular state updates.

Tracking telemetry

As soon as the Device acknowledges a pending usage-based license via the Update License API, it must start sending the Tracking telemetry.

Each tracked data point must always start from 0, only increase with time, be an integer number and be persisted across device resets/restarts.

While Tracking telemetry does not have to be sent on every Send Telemetry call, it is recommended to send them frequently enough (once an hour) to provide the End Customer with clear view of their current usage and costs.