Use the hub_url received in the registration response as your base URL.


This API requires the device to authenticate, see Device Authentication.

Return an array of licenses to add or remove.

It is recommended to use the Get License API for easier implementation

If the Send Telemetry API response has new_licenses set to true, the device must call this API to get details on the new or updated licenses.

The API will return an array of licenses to add to the device, update, or remove from the device. Once the required action is completed for each license, the device must update the server via a call to the Update License API.

Return Data
Array of items with the following structure:

idstringUnique license ID.
datastringDevice-specific encoding of license information.
signaturestringRSA-based signature of the data field.

Please consult your platform documentation for details on how to verify RSA signatures. The signer's public key is available in the partners portal.
addbooleanIf true, this license needs to be added to the device.
removebooleanIf true, this license needs to be removed from the device.
updatebooleanIf true, this license needs to be updated (usually when it expires).
expires_atdatetimeTime when this license should be disabled (a string based on ISO_8601 format).

This is only set for licenses with a duration. When the license is extended, this call will return with update set to true.

Return Sample

        "data": "device-specific license info...",
        "signature": "RSA signature...",
        "id": "xxxxxxxx-xxxx...",
        "add": true
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