The device can send information about their internal state in three different ways:

TelemetriesYesBy DeviceUsed to send frequently changing information about the device used to construct the device's current "State"
DetailsNoBy DeviceUsed to store rarely changing information that does not require continuous updates from the server.
ConfigurationNoBy Device & UsersUsed to store information that can be modified by the end customer.
EventsNoBy DeviceUsed to send infrequently happening events.

It is important to consider the frequency, "ownership" and size of information when deciding what data to send and avoid sending any sensitive information such as passwords, customer names, etc.

The information sent can be divided into two logical groups:

  1. Data to be consumed by customers via widgets, rules, etc
  2. Data to be used by the manufacturer to better understand device usage in the field and improve the product.

We strongly recommend to send as much data as possible about the device which will later allows product managers to build Widgets, Reports, etc and use the historically collected data for future improvement.