Finance FAQ


Does Xyte’s platform only support credit card transactions?

While we recommend credit card transactions for subscription purchases, we understand your business may require other methods of payment. As such, a PO can be generated through the platform for the selected device, package, or digital product to be transmitted to the reseller. Xyte will provide a receipt.

When a customer checks out through the platform, who transacts and manages the purchase?

  • The transaction occurs between the end user and the provider. Xyte facilitates the transaction.
  • If applicable, the agreed commission will be paid to the channel partners as configured by the manufacturer.
  • Xyte’s fees and, if applicable, any outstanding loan repayments for the current period will be deducted from the remaining amount.

Can a distributor and/or dealer get paid through the platform?

Yes. All commission payouts are configured by the manufacturer, or in some cases the distribution/dealer partner who develops within the Xyte portal.

When are payments distributed?

Payments are distributed on Net60 terms based on the subscription interval.

What transaction services are available on the Xyte platform?

The following table summarizes the fees collected by Xyte for specific commercial transactions and processes:

Purchase ordersNo additional fee
InvoicesNo additional fee
Price quotesNo additional fee
Credit card paymentsProcessing fee: 3.2%
ACH bank transfers (bank-to-bank fund transfer over the Automated Clearing House network)Processing fee: 1.2%
Automatic tax calculation (real-time sales tax/VAT calculation)Calculation fee: 0.5% of the transaction
Financial broker assistance and coordination (arrangement of line of credit in cooperation with brokers, banks, and other parties - facilitated via the Xyte platform)Coordination fee: 0.5% of the approved line of credit


How is invoicing handled by Xyte?

  • Once a purchase has been made, Xyte issues a receipt to the end user, including the estimated taxes (see below).
  • A notification is sent to the service provider instructing them to issue an invoice.


How are taxes calculated when selling a product through the platform?

Xyte provides a tax estimation only; it is the responsibility of the reseller/provider of the equipment or feature to the end customer to perform the complete tax calculation for invoicing purposes.


Does Xyte offer financing?

Through our banking partners, Xyte can provide/facilitate a loan to assist with cash flow when transitioning from one-time sales to a subscription-based business model. Loan specifics will be detailed in a separate agreement.

Who owns the hardware if I get a loan from Xyte?

You maintain ownership over your hardware and dictate the terms of each subscription offering. Xyte never takes ownership of the hardware that you sell.

What are the typical terms of a loan?

Each loan is custom-designed, with the terms determined through discussions between Xyte’s banking and lending partners and your organization. Typically, loans will cover up to 50% of the MSRP of an individual product over 2 years of a subscription, with a total limit per organization. Interest rates will also vary.

Subscription Management

What is the subscription interval?

Subscriptions run in perpetuity, with hardware refreshed at an interval defined by the manufacturer. This ensures that service interruption is limited.

What happens if the customer stops paying for their subscription?

Cancellation policies and terms are set by the manufacturer or distributor/reseller. However, in the event of a customer defaulting on payment or otherwise violating these terms, you have the ability through the Xyte platform to brick the device(s) concerned remotely.

Finance Flow