Financing and Transactions


“Xyte Platform” - the Xyte Device Cloud in its entirety or part
Seller - A manufacturer or channel partner selling products, services, or a combination thereof on the Xyte Platform.
Buyer - A customer who purchases products, services, or a combination thereof on the Xyte Platform.
Partner Portal - The (backend) gateway through which OEMs and/or channel partners manage the Xyte Device Cloud.
Customer Portal - The (frontend) gateway through which customers can manage their cloud-connected devices.
Storefront - The area within the Xyte Device Cloud where Buyers can purchase products and services for sale through the Sellers.
Lab Account - A sandbox account through which the OEM or channel partner can view and take action as if they are an end-customer.

Transactions, Payments and Invoicing

How can Buyers pay through the platform?

The Buyer can pay Xyte directly through a credit card, debit card or bank wire transfer. Buyers who wish to pay the Seller directly can upload Purchase Orders (PO), and the Seller will receive a notification and approve the PO.

How does Xyte complete the validation process for credit cards?

The Xyte platform performs limited verification when the credit card is saved, verifying that the information provided is valid. Xyte doesn’t check credit limits or account balances to guarantee that a credit card will have sufficient funds when there is an attempt to charge it, immediately or for future charges.

Can the Buyer be charged a small amount to validate the credit card, and then the full amount a certain number of days after (or when the product ships)?

No. The charge of the first period is processed immediately following the completion of an order.


How is tax calculated?

During the setup of the store, the Seller must provide its address. For each product, the Seller needs to define a specific tax category. During checkout, the tax is calculated according to the Seller’s address and the Buyer’s shipping or billing address. (If an order includes physical items, the shipping address will apply, otherwise the billing address is used).

When is tax calculated?

Tax is calculated once the Buyer inputs the shipping or billing location. (If there are physical devices in the order, tax is calculated according to the shipping address. If there are no physical devices, taxes are calculated according to the billing address.

What happens with the collected taxes?

Any taxes collected through direct payment to Xyte will be transferred to the Seller once a month (see section ___ below). It is the Seller’s responsibility to distribute the tax in accordance with local laws/regulations.

How is invoicing handled by Xyte?

After the Buyer has completed a purchase through the Xyte platform, the Buyer will receive an invoice (via the communication tools in the Xyte platform), including the estimated taxes, if applicable (see above).

What is the payment process for one-time purchase?

The Buyer adds products to a shopping cart and provides Billing information (and Shipping information for physical products). The Buyer selects a payment method:

  • Credit /debit card - immediate upon payment receipt
  • Wire transfers - upon payment receipt
  • Direct payment to the Seller
    • A payment request is generated through the platform.
    • The Buyer uploads a purchase order (PO)
    • The Seller is notified and approves the PO.

When does Xyte generate a subscription invoice?

Xyte generates a subscription invoice on the first of every month for all active applicable subscriptions.

Does Xyte support prorated subscriptions or co-terming?

Xyte calculates the prorated fee from the time of the purchase until the next billing cycle, whether it is yearly or monthly. Xyte also supports co-terming, automatically combining all similar contracts into a single charge.

When are funds collected from the Buyer transferred from Xyte to the Seller?

Orders received by Xyte before the 15th are distributed during the last week of that calendar month.

Orders received after the 15th of the month will be processed the following month.
Xyte finalizes everything mid-month, and then sends a consolidated payment to the Seller in the last week of every month

What information is needed by Xyte to transfer the monthly subscription revenue?

The Seller needs to provide its credit card details.

Storefront / Frontend

Can the Xyte subscription store be embedded into the Seller’s website?

The store cannot be embedded as an iframe but links to individual store items can be generated.

If the Seller is using Xyte to offer subscriptions only, what will the Buyer see in the portal?

The Seller has full control over information visible to the Buyer and can limit it to the store and subscription management only.

Do you support mobile?

Yes. The store experience is fully supported on mobile.

How can the Seller test the ecommerce experience for the Buyer?

Sellers receive a Lab account through which they can test every aspect of the Buyer’s experience, including the checkout process and cancellation/returns and other policies. This Lab account automatically comes with a payment method called “Lab,” enabling the Seller to go through the entire checkout process without having to enter a credit card number.

Subscription Management

What is the subscription interval?

Monthly or yearly.

When does a subscription expire?

The subscription continues in perpetuity until canceled by the Buyer.

What happens if the Buyer stops paying for their subscription?

If a Buyer stops paying the subscription, it enters a grace period (controllable by the Seller). If the payment has not been settled within the grace period, the subscription is marked as expired and affected devices, and the Buyer, are notified.
The behavior of a device with an expired subscription is defined by the device manufacturer.

If a Buyer subscribes to one product in the first week of the month, and a different product two weeks later, can Xyte pro-rate the subscriptions in a single invoice, under a single subscription to the Buyer in the next billing cycle?

Yes. Xyte charges the prorated amount until the end of the month for each subscription, as the products were ordered on separate days. Starting at the beginning of the following month, the customer is charged a consolidated amount for the full month.

Finance Flow

What happens when a Buyer purchases a product with a Purchase Order?

For both digital and physical products, the Order will be visible in the Pending Orders tab (Store Management → Pending Orders…). The Buyer will need to upload their Purchase Order document to the order. Once this file is uploaded, the Seller must APPROVE the uploaded file by selecting the “Review Purchase Order” button.

The rest of the notifications/actions flow remains consistent with the Credit Card flow.

The notification and action ownership will depend on who is set up as the FINANCE and the ADMIN contact in the Partner Portal (Settings → Contacts…).

The ADMIN contact will receive an immediate email notification, titled - New Order Placed - which summarizes the transaction.

The FINANCE contact will receive an immediate email notification, titled - New Charge on Xyte Requires an Invoice - which will provide a link to the Invoices page (Store Management → Invoices…).

The FINANCE contact must then upload the invoice. This is done by hovering over the line item with the corresponding Order ID (status will show PENDING in yellow) and scrolling to the right to find the UPLOAD button.


What happens when a subscription is canceled?

Both the Seller and Buyer receive cancellation notifications. Any licenses related to the subscription are canceled, and the specific devices are notified and will react according to the OEM’s specifications.

When a subscription to a physical product is canceled, how does the Buyer receive a return label?

The OEM provides the return label directly to the buyer (the label is generated outside the platform), and following the initial cancellation confirmation to both sides, communication continues outside of the platform.

Refunds, Cancellations and Faulty Products

Which policies can the Seller define in the platform? How can a Seller define policies (cancellation, returns, privacy, Terms of Service) in the platform?

Sellers can define a number of policies in the Xyte platform, including cancellation, returns, privacy and Terms of Service. Policies are set within the Settings > Store > Policies tab. A link to the cancellation and returns policy will appear in the checkout flow, as well as whenever a Buyer cancels a subscription.

How are refunds handled when a Buyer requests a refund?

If the Seller needs to grant the Buyer a refund, the Seller should reach out to Xyte support for assistance.

If a Buyer has any issues with a shipment (such as a faulty device or incorrect order), how are communications handled?

The customer either can contact the Seller’s support directly or through the Xyte platform by clicking on the support icon or by creating a ticket. When a Buyer subscribes to a product through Xyte platform, they receive an email with the support contact information.

If the customer receives a faulty device, does Xyte retain the credit card information to support the manufacturer regarding refunds or delayed payments?

Yes. Xyte retains the customer’s credit card information and can therefore issue a refund to the customer or perform a charge at a later date, according to the Terms of Service, via the Seller contacting Xyte support.

If the Buyer receives a faulty device and is working with technical support to receive a replacement, does Xyte pause the subscription payment collection until the device is replaced?

Xyte does not support this feature at this time.

Is it required that the Seller upload a formal invoice for every order?

This depends on the local regulations. Xyte acts only as the conduit; the Seller’s finance/legal department must decide on the policy.