Incident Rules

Rules are sets of defined logic that the server applies to devices’ telemetry messages. When a configured rule or set/combination of rules is triggered, a new incident will be created for the device with the associated priority.

The Rules page presents a table view of all the rules that are defined in the system, for all device models. From here, admins can easily disable and enable rules and view any rule errors.


Rule list for all devices

By selecting a particular rule name, you can configure and manage the specific parameters for this device/model.


Advanced configuration of rules

In the general information section, you can view and edit the rule’s name, description, and priority setting, and activate/deactivate the rule for a particular device model. You can also delete the rule.

In the definition section you can specify the parameters for the rule, which specify when the telemetry messages received from a device will trigger an incident. You can define one or multiple conditions that need to be met in order for the rule to trigger a device incident.

The errors section contains a log of all JSON errors in strings sent/received. Use this log to investigate and gather information on issues arising from device telemetry and configured rules failing to trigger.


For an advanced guide to configuring rules, see Configuring Custom Rules.