Device API Versions

Periodically, Xyte makes subtle modifications and enhancements to the Device APIs it supports. These alterations can vary in their impact on device communication. Some changes have no direct effect, while others may introduce new APIs, substitute older API methods, or modify the data transmission and reception processes.

To ensure comprehensive backward compatibility for existing device and firmware code, the Device Model incorporates a crucial element—the "Device API Version" field. This field's value dictates the server's response to devices connected to the respective Device Model. By employing this versioning mechanism, the platform can seamlessly accommodate changes in the API while maintaining support for legacy device functionalities.

When initiating the creation of a new Device Model, the user will be presented with a creation dialog showcasing the available "Device API Version." This list invariably incorporates the latest version, recommended for use. Additionally, it encompasses any versions associated with other pre-existing Device Models. For instance, if a Firmware (FW) version 1.0.3 is associated with another Device Model, and the latest version is 1.0.5, both options will be presented in the available list.

To change the "Device API Version" of an existing Device Model, please contact [email protected]

For staying informed about future upgrades and reviewing historical changes,
we recommend following the Change Log