The Settings page is divided into six tabs.


See a complete list of all users who have access to configure your partner portal. You can view each user’s name, email address, login count, and last login date, as well as the IP address, used to sign in.


Allows the admin to create groups to manage the roles and the teams of the partners portal.

Administors and support groups are created by default.
Administrators - By default, all users are created as administrators. An Admin can always remove users from the administrator's group.

Support - By default, the partner gets one support seat, and that's possible to also manage the different permissions of the support seat.


Since some customer installations are security-sensitive, customers might choose to use the Xyte proxy to route all traffic out of the organization via a single machine. You can find more details about it here.


View your unique (read-only) API key. You can use this for integrations with third-party services.


  1. Email notifications on referrals and tickets - Specify an email address to which a notification should be sent when a referral has been submitted and/or a new ticket is opened.

  1. Claim notifications - Partners can now receive web-hook based notification when their devices are claimed by end users.This feature allows to connect the Xyte platform to 3rd party tools like ERP, CRM or custom servers. To enable the feature, the URL of the webhook must be set.
    The following data will be sent every time a device is claimed:
    { "device_id": "DEVICE_ID", "device_model_id": "DEVICE_MODEL_ID", "device_model_name": "DEVICE_MODEL_NAME", "claiming_organization_name": "ORGANIZATION_NAME", "claiming_organization_email": "ORGANIZATION_EMAIL" }
    ** If an error is returned by the remote server, the Xyte platform will retry the call twice before failing


Create unique referral codes, which will generate custom URLs that can be sent to MSPs/customers to invite them to sign up to use the Xyte portal. Use this feature to keep track of which referrers are generating the most sign-ups and incentivize referrals.


Configure the integration to your ticketing system to ensure that any tickets opened by your MSPs/customers are routed directly to your help desk.


This section allows you to change the admin and financial contact of the portal.

  • Admin Contact - Will receive general notifications from the system.
  • Finance contact - Will receive all financial-related emails like invoicing or financial transaction notifications.

Interested in an integration that isn’t currently available? Our customer support team would love to hear about it: [email protected].